Download the full menu HERE


Download the full menu HERE
  • Chips, Hop Salt & Aoili (gfo,vo)

    • $10
  • Vegetarian pizza - 10 inch

    • $18

    Roasted Red Pepper Spanish onion, Feta and Oregano

  • Meatatarian pizza - 10 inch

    • $24

    Bacon, Chorizo crumb and Green Capsicum

  • Kaarge Chicken Slider's

    • $18

    Kaarge chicken with sriracha kewpie mayo and sweet n sour cucumber on brioche

  • Creamy Mushroom Volavant

    • $18

    Sauted mushrooms volavant with flaked almonds, soft goats cheese and truffle oil

  • Twice Cooked Pork Ribs

    • $18

    Twice cooked pork ribs with chilli vinegar (mild), coriander and bean shoots


Download the full menu HERE
  • Roasted Beetroot & Umami Fennel

    • $14
    • With shredded chicken $20

    Roasted baby beets, leafy greens, umami fennel, grape tomato cucumber and macadamia nuts

  • Raging Bull Pie

    • $20

    Slow cooked local beef, hearty vegetables, chips, salad

  • Fish & Chips (gfo)

    • $25

    Pilsner battered Spanish Mackeral, Chips, Salad, Tartare

  • The Booty Burger (gfo)

    • $22
    • Add Egg $2

    170g local beef, double cheese, bacon, onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard, served with our Hop salted chips

  • Chicken Burger

    • $22
    • Add Egg $2
    • Add Bacon $2

    170g crumbed schnitzel, cheese, leafy greens, tomato & aioli, served with our Hop salted chips

  • Chefs Creation - Kaeng Lueang (Thai Yellow Chicken Curry)

    • $30

    Half chicken slow roasted in Thai yellow curry paste with coconut broth, steamed greens, pilaff and Shallot pickle


  • Vanilla bean slice

    • $10

    Served with cream

  • Chocolate mud cake

    • $10

    Served with cream


A surcharge of 15% applies to all food items on all public holidays


DISCLAIMER: Whilst we make every effort to accommodate special requests in regard to gluten free options and allergies, our kitchen area is used to prepare foods that may contain wheat, shell fish, milk, egg and various nut products. Whilst contamination is unlikely, we are unable to guarantee that any dishes are 100% free of the aforementioned items.