crisp, clean, refreshing apple cider

Fresh apple aroma. Crisp, clean, refreshing medium to dry finish. Our use of champagne yeast provides a unique subtle spiciness to this apple cider. Fermented at low temperatures and filtered, but not pasteurised, making sure this unique cider stays as fresh as possible.

PILS 4.9%

premium european style pilsner lager

We have been making this beer since 1996 starting out as Wils Pils, Prohibition Pils is designed to represent the true Pilsener style of the Czech Republic. Hopped with traditional Saaz and German Hersbrucker hops, the Pils is mildly bitter and displays a herbaceous bouquet. The beer softens to a dry cleansing distinct finish. The softness of the water used in the beer creates a silky texture for which this style of beer is renowned.

A true Pils for the Pilsener enthusiast.


3 x Gold Medal Winner - Australian International Beer Awards


On a boat, on a lazy Sunday arvo, at the family BBQ, this is beer for any occasion. Our Session Ale has been crafted to be light bodied and dry hopped to carry those tropical citrus notes from start to finish.

With Session Ale it's summer all year round.


traditional malty Australian ale

Tom is the owner and founder of Bootleg Brewery and this is his favorite beer! 

Tom’s Amber is a midstrength traditional English Mild Ale with layers of Crystal and Roast malts imparting toasty flavours and Aussie Melba hops giving a fresh finish.  It is profoundly malty in aroma, copper in color and lightly carbonated.

A pleasant ale for all occasions.


2 x Silver Medal Winner - Australian International Beer Awards


more hops than a one legged man

Speakeasy IPA is a West Coast Style American IPA.  The style is all about hop flavour, aroma and bitterness and this beer delivers in spades.

Bold flavours from generous hop additions of Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo blend a healthy 60ibu with a bouquet of citrus and pine.  This IPA is well balanced with subtle specialty malts to help accentuate the aroma, smoothen the mouthfeel and leave a subtle sweetness.

A beer for the true American IPA lovers.

Raging Bull 7.1%

a bold ale bred from wild stock

Brewed since 1994 Raging Bull gets its name from a Raging Angus Bull that resided at Bootleg way back when and terrorized anything and everything that got in its way.  Charming staff and patrons alike with his profound energy, begging for a beer to immortalize him.

At 7.1%, the Bull begins with the intense malty flavors ranging from the crystal malts and all its diversity (think toffee, toast and popcorn) to the coffee flavors of the roasted barley. A slight bitterness is apparent but the main essence remains with the intense warming body structure. The Bull finishes with a resounding sweetness which, like chocolate, begs for another mouthful.

A complete and full beer Raging Bull is truly unique. A Bold Ale Bred from Wild Stock.


6 x Gold Medal Winner - Australian International Beer Awards